Vacation 2007 - Thailand and Malaysia

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CIMG0481 CIMG0483 CIMG0487_1
Chinese new year...
Chinese new year - inside the heart of Chinatown in Bangkok
yeah.. first Thai food after one year ago
CIMG0488_1 CIMG0492 CIMG0493
cute :)
Siam Square.. changed over the last years...
like a ritual.. coffee at *bucks
CIMG0495 CIMG0496 CIMG0497
promotion in Bangkok for the new Mercedes-Benz ... for the rich...
the luxury side of life ?
CIMG0498 CIMG0507 CIMG0513
Chinese new year .. no further comment :)
happy travelling !
CIMG0516 CIMG0520 CIMG0523
from airport to downtown KL
welcome to Malaysia, KL
CIMG0525 CIMG0526 CIMG0528
all over the world.. and yes I go crazy for that...
inside KLCC
CIMG0529_1 CIMG0530_1 CIMG0531
KLCC - shopping in great profusion
CIMG0536_1 CIMG0538 CIMG0539
Petronas twin towers - amazing

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