Vacation 2007 - Thailand and Malaysia

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CIMG0665 CIMG0667 CIMG0677_1
hungry cat....
CIMG0686 CIMG0700 CIMG0701
amazing.. and not busy
CIMG0702 CIMG0704 CIMG0706
on the border to Thailand - Sungai Golok
minibus to Hat Yai
what does the sign means ?
CIMG0710 CIMG0711 CIMG0723
handmade movie promotion ... great
fishes.... in plastic bags !
same story again .. 4 am at Ranong...
CIMG0726 CIMG0731 CIMG0738
Ko Payam pier at Ranong
say greetz if one of you meet her again...
easy going at Bamboo :)
CIMG0740 CIMG0741 CIMG0748
isn´t it a nice plastic chair ? *g*
daily appointment .. and still again and again and again
Marc and Magda.. much love to you guys
CIMG0750 CIMG0753 CIMG0765
what shall we do now ?
how much Vodka we need for that bucket ? :)
CIMG0766 CIMG0772 CIMG0776
Jim and Magda
thx Tim for playing the whole night, it was my birthday :)
yesssss :) little crazy german girl, give me a call

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