Vacation 2007 - Thailand and Malaysia

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imm018_22A imm018_23 imm019_24
do you remember that guy ? *g* we had funny days at Bamboo :)
imm019_25 imm021_26 imm022_26A
visitors at Tioman Island - the big ones about 1,5 meters...
where is it ? .. for sure.. Ko Payam
KL ...
imm023_27A imm024_28A imm025_29
inside the national mosque at KL
amazing architecture at national mosque
imm025_29A imm026_30 imm027_31
minaret at national mosque at KL
the old railway station at KL
imm027_32 imm028_32 imm028_33
Magda :) may be we´ll see us again...
KL - national mosque
I took this picture often - but I like it
imm030_34 imm030_35 imm031_35
Orchids - wonderful flowers
family life at Bamboo :) special greetz to Jam
imm031_36 imm032_36

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