Vacation 2007 - Thailand and Malaysia

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CIMG0778 CIMG0813 DSC00140
sunset at Payam...
Chinese new year again
DSC00141 DSC00146 DSC00151
great food
malaysian food with Tiger beer - yammi!
DSC00163 DSC00164 imm004_5
inside the new airport in Bangkok
imm004_6 imm009_12 imm010_11
muslim market and great and tasty food , I miss the Nasi Goreng Ayam :)
and again central bus station
imm012_13A imm012_15 imm012_16
Petronas - amazing building and KLs landmark
enjoy that.. lean back and close your eyes
imm014_17 imm015_16A imm015_18
the Menara tower
expensive resort at Tioman Island
imm015_20 imm016_17A imm016_21
I forget his name but he is nice guy, greetz to you and your wife and thy for exercises
downtown. seen from Menara tower
guys in action :)
imm017_20 imm017_21A imm017_22
Tioman Island resort. Nice but too busy
and again.. greetz to Chris the half-japanese guy :)

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