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from Bangkok to Yangon
Yangon ... normal living
like in a former century....
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old but unknown brand....
young monks in the morning
bridge to Aung Boyoke market
aa14.JPG aa15.JPG aa17.JPG
less traffic
beside the Sule pagoda
inside Sule pagoda
aa20.JPG aa21.JPG aa23.JPG
the top with typically burmese umbrella called "hti"
hindu temple named afair sri kali in Yangon
the motherland inn II , Yangon, smooth and friendly
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yes!!! we don´t have a beer like this
Bodhi tree brought from the "original" Bodhi tree in India where Buddah gets his "bodhi"
the Schwedagon pagoda .. no words can describe who amazing it is...
aa35.JPG aa36.JPG aa40.JPG
with a top of gold and diamonds.....
and the burmese people live the buddhism
aa43.JPG aa44.JPG aa51.JPG
140 meters high, gold....
aa53.JPG aa57.JPG aa58.JPG
may be 7 or 8 meters high is this buddah image

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