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af07.JPG af08.JPG af13.JPG
view over Luang Prabang
a buddhist library
the making of sa-paper
af17.JPG af20.JPG af23.JPG
the "Cave of the thousand Buddahs" ...
af28.JPG af30.JPG af31.JPG
inside the Pak Ou cave
the upper cave, totally dark
view over the Mekong river
af36.JPG af37.JPG af41.JPG
the old Soviet Union banner ....
the best pancakes all over Laos .. and the cheapest
beautiful nature in Vang Vieng, one of the most frequent places to visit in Laos
af43.JPG af44.JPG af47.JPG
a lonely barbers chair
the whole place at the moment as a building site
af52.JPG af54.JPG af60.JPG
entrance to a cave in Vang Vieng
what do you think, yes, it´s inside the cave :)
af66.JPG af67.JPG af75.JPG
view point over Vang Vieng
af80.JPG af84.JPG af88.JPG
bus to Vientanne
the central bowl of Vientanne :)
a small image of the "Arc de triumph", as a gift from the french occupation ....

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