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welcome to Luang Prabang, Laos
old monastery ....
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the story of the fire tree in a glass mosaic
perfect details
typically for buddhist temple in Laos the 17 small umbrellas on the top
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ae45.JPG ae48.JPG ae52.JPG
that´s the fire tree ... there´s a ancient story about it
collection of old Buddah images
ae53.JPG ae55.JPG ae60.JPG
on the wall...
chips, drying in the sun, good taste with a Beerlao :)
ae66.JPG ae68.JPG ae69.JPG
a typically Buddah image at Laos with long arms and fingers
Khmer style also in Laos, hundred of years old
ae72.JPG ae73.JPG ae77.JPG
a relief on the wall, fantastic work
the ceiling
the spa ressort, wonderful relaxing ...
ae79.JPG ae84.JPG ae95.JPG
inside the spa, view to the massage beds
the former kings palace in Luang Prabang
for ceremonial uses

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