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ab68.JPG ab73.JPG ab76.JPG
inside the Ananda temple
over 1000 years old.. with massive doors
ab80.JPG ab81.JPG ab83.JPG
looks a little bit like the buildings at Angkor Wat, Cambodia
ab88.JPG ab96.JPG ab98.JPG
overview ....
also a hindu temple
ac06.JPG ac07.JPG ac09.JPG
a break during the heat of the day....
and of course you can see ox cart there.... not only there, all over Burma/Myanmar
the painter ... buy a picture and make him a lucky man :)
ac16.JPG ac17.JPG ac27.JPG
sunset over Bagan.... enjoy
ac32.JPG ac35.JPG ac37.JPG
local bus from Bagan to Mandalay
balloons over bagan, nice but much to expensive
yes! take a seat and go on a wonderful 10 hour trip .....
ac38.JPG ac40.JPG ac42.JPG
a typical garage
hungry? no problem...
the wonderful garden of the Peacock lodge at Mandalay , if you´re in Mandalay go there and anjoy the amazing feeling in this guesthouse, many thanks to alice and her husband
ac45.JPG ac46.JPG ac48.JPG
our taxi driver and his small blue Mazda car
the best traveller breakfast !
at the gold leaf manufactury, hard work but a good job for a buddhist

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