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the guinea pig, animal symbol for all they were born on a friday...
huge bell ... 6 tons or more
white marble ...
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hindu temple at the area of Schwedagon pagoda
and this was new for me, an area without ladies , only man can do their meditation in this area
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on the streets of Yangon... try to buy something without burmese speaking :) have fun ..
on the road to bagan... 17 hours by bus .. I would never do that again
the Schwezigon pagoda in Bagan
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also nice but not in the way like Schwedagon, sorry
old woman smoking a typical burmese cigar called "charoot" ... and yes I paid for the picture :)
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start the journey through the beautiful area of Old Bagan
nearly 2200 pagodas (and the were more before the last earth quake in the 70´s..)
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old burmese monstery made from wood
typical coach ( they call it "horsecar" ...) rented for a full day
one of the largest temple .. the name is ... oops sorry I forgot it
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car check ....
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sunrise over bagan ... come to see it by your own

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