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the stroy of the Mahamuni Buddah you can´t imagine that, a layer of gold up to 40 cm !!!
they put small gold leafs on the image and so did I .... may be in the next life my wishes will come true....
from Cambodia, Angkor Wat .. if you have problems with your stomach touch the image and you can see there are lots of people having problems with the stomach
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4 women work 2 months in total on the curtain.... and you can buy it for 300 bucks....
monastery at Mandalay
the largest book of the world, the religious words of Buddah on over 700 stone panels ...
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pali in burmese writing
typical trishaw
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entrance of mandalay hill
the guardians, 15 meters high
two young students go along with us all the 975 steps trying their english language... and of course all the 975 steps down.... :)
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on the view point at the top of mandaly hill
where you can meet all foreign tourist in Mandalay
the wall of the kings palace , today it´s military area
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have a break ..... do some physical exercises :)
view to mandalay hill
entrance to the old kings palace, formerly known as "the glas palace"
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an old watchtower
the kings bed
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nice but empty....
the rescue for all coffein junkies :)
may be a wedding ....

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