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the That Luang, the national buddhist sanctuary of Laos
image of a former king (don´t ask me about his name...)
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the Dragon Lodge guest house
national cultural hall, a gift from chinese gouverment
yes! an old german car, built in the middle of the 70´s and in germany you will find such one only at the museum
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sunset on the riverside of the Mekong
on the other side is Thailand
the Ho Phra Keo, built for the Jade Buddah image
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not allowed to take pictures inside
the gouverment palace, picture is taken through the metall railings
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the pool, relaxing on the last hours in Vientanne
stopover in Bangkok, the pool on the the 10th floor at the Eastin Hotel
on the way to .... yes,lovely Ko Payam
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and it´s the same again, very smooth and relaxing feeling
travellers and backpacker :)
enjoy it, lean back and have a cold fresh coconut shake
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so his the owner, greetz to July and his wife :) hope we´ll see us again
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one of the best swiss guys I ever met... greetz to Marc
norwegian girl power :) don´t forget the beach volleyball matches ....
two norwegian girls sharing an ipod, lovely greetz to Kaysa and Anett

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