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and this are the most friendly canadians I´ve ever met... the J-man and his beautiful wife Liora, thanks for all the funny moments and one day we´ll meet again
our frog :)
and the gecko too
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Mateo and rebacca, a pleasure to met you guys ...
empty beach .. fascinating
for sure, more then one sunset ... :)
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the daily appointment .. beach volleyball, thank you guys for the good times
the day after, hey Marc, co´m :)
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isn´t it beautiful ?
hey are you that canadian guy ? :) hey Tim, it´s a pleasure to know you and for sure we´ll see us again at Payam
greetz to Free and Anelin, a very polite dutch couple ....
ag90.JPG ag92.JPG ag94.JPG
no words :) just smiling
what about banana fritters ?or better a snickers bar ? I will never forget this words ....
a fresh cashew nuts shake in a nice jar
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mongolian bbq with all the guys, a lot of fun but not enough to eat :)
the Oui massage, wonderful and perfect
main road, like the years before... it´s so good to came back to Payam island
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the J man infront of his hut
one last picture
back in Bangkok, the new Paragon shopping mall, the "Pride of Bangkok"
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at the Siam Ocean World ....
fantastic ... better I should have a diving license....

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