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ad22.JPG ad30.JPG ad31.JPG
reclining Buddah at the monastery near the U Bein brigde
the small version of the Golden Rock
ad36.JPG ad42.JPG ad46.JPG
the UBein bridge, longest bridge in the world made of teakwood
lovely sunset
and for sure a popular tourist motive
ad48.JPG ad53.JPG ad63.JPG
U Bein bridge in the sun
on the way to the central market in Mandalay
ad69.JPG ad71.JPG ad72.JPG
perfect parking
the food tastest great
ad76.JPG ad80.JPG ad81.JPG
original burmese orchestra playing folk songs
on the way to Tachilek
ad85.JPG ad87.JPG ad88.JPG
we obtain the Thai-Laos border in one day.... just in time
not only for the tourists
immingration point at HuayXai , Laos
ad90.JPG ad94.JPG ad96.JPG
the first Coffee Laos, wonderful taste
dam´nd they sold more tickets than seats on the boat
2 days over the Mekong river to Luang Prabang
ae01.JPG ae03.JPG ae11.JPG
beautiful nature, but ....
a faster way on the river to Luang Prabang
a lot of rocks in the river bed

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